Link Banner

Not much new RM related content today. Just a new link banner on the right side of the screen- If you’re linking to this site with the old image, please update! This one matches the site a lot better.




This image is -not- released under any Creative Common license. Don’t use it!

  • Archeia has put out Natalie’s bust shot- Take a glance at it, and leave her some comments or feedback!
  • Kread-EX has teamed up with the ever lovable Sandal to bring up enchanments.
  • EvilEagles has made a side-view battler. Looks pointy.
  • Yami has put together the workings of a patch system for RPG Maker!
  • Yanfly is ahead of the rest, as usual, and is ready for Pi Day in advance. Check out his Spawn Event Script!