Future Plans

With finals coming up after my winter break, which starts today, I won’t have as much free time to work on content as I would’ve otherwise had before. However, I do have some plans on where I’m going in the future with scripting, and my own game project.

While I would implement boats and ships within the Vehicle Additions script, those two vehicle types are featured prominently in my game the airship is. The only thing that bars me from releasing a version with boats and ship interiors is that I have been unable to trigger the vehicle dismount process correctly when the use uses the exit event in the interior map. At this current time, it isn’t too high on my priority list.

I am currently looking into implementing a system that I call ‘Economic Shift’. For this one, I am currently attempting to figure out how to effectively peer through each item’s notes in the editor database in order to access additional tags/properties, not too different from what Yanfly has been doing. My goal with this particular system is to allow items to fluctuate naturally between two user-configurable variance levels (minimum and maximum), and be affected by ‘supply events’, which are based on using an item material property to alter prices. In example, one would have a point in the storyline where the player frees an iron mine- At which point, a script call would affect the ‘supply’ value of items with the material ‘iron’, decreasing the cost for those items within a specific region. Oh man. Regions- not in the same sense as the ones supported in the editor, but more of having different effects on item prices based on what ‘region’ it is specified within the code. Using the earlier example, we could call a change in iron supply for -region 1-, which would affect any shops that are called with that -region 1-. However, it would not affect shops in -region 2- or -region 3-.

I’m flying back to the United States for a while, on Tuesday (JST), and I’ll be there until January 5th (JST), which will definitely hinder my work.


[RGSS3]Vehicle Additions

Vehicle Additions
Version 0.36a
By seitensei/tenseiten, with help from shaz

!NEW! – Updated 2011/12/27 to Version 0.36a.

This Vehicle Additions script adds the ability to access an additional map as
the interior of the vehicle. So far, only the airship has been implemented. This
script overwrites the get_on_vehicle and the get_off_vehicle methods, so it is
not compatible with anything that edits those. However, since it uses a the
default code when the system is not enabled for a vehicle, created a patch to
solve incompatibilities is not within the real of impossibility.

Set the map ID and X/Y coordinates of for the map that will serve as the
interior of the vehicle. Create an event that brings the player back to the
overmap and forces them to pilot the vehicle by by creating and event that
calls the following code:


To exit the vehicle’s interior, and return to the overmap (on foot), call
the following:





Yanfly made a pretty awesome script that can probably be used with this- Check out YEA – Event Select Skill. One suggestion is that, since we can now play with events inside of a vehicle, have the player repair or charge the vehicle before using it.

[RGSS3] Map Name Processing

Map Name Processing
Version 1.0

While I’m working on my project, which contains a relatively high level of customization, I came to a grinding halt when I found out that RPGツクールVXAce’s built in map name display would not process similar to message text. A small edit (without touching the default script, to preserve compatibility), and I’m back on track. This is also my first released snippet.

Paste this script in a new section under 素材.