Worlds Apart, Yeah?

A shot of what I’m working on right now. The big island is still a WIP, as I’m not sure I like how it looks at this moment. The other two islands are either final, or nearing final- The landmasses are all final, so only the toppings on the pizza are in work.


[RGSS3] Map Name Processing

Map Name Processing
Version 1.0

While I’m working on my project, which contains a relatively high level of customization, I came to a grinding halt when I found out that RPGツクールVXAce’s built in map name display would not process similar to message text. A small edit (without touching the default script, to preserve compatibility), and I’m back on track. This is also my first released snippet.

Paste this script in a new section under 素材.


Tablets as a productivity tool

As an aspiring game developer, I find that tablets are one of the biggest key components of my workflow- Just only graphic tablets, like my Wacom intuos4, but also my Asus Eee Pad Transformer. A tablet is easy to carry around, and in general, has a longer battery life than my laptop- Coupled with the built-in cameras, and apps like Sketchbook Mobile, I can do quite a bit of work away from my computer, which is especially helpful on longer trips (flying between the United States and Japan), and just being out and about in Tokyo.

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer has an external keyboard dock, which I own, that makes it a viable tool for writing out ideas, and scripting away from the computer, and as my tablet lacks a 3G connection, it often serves as a good way to force myself to work when I’m away from home.

Cold Tokyo

I’m sitting in my room in Tokyo, where it is really cold, even though it shouldn’t be. What I mean by that is, where I come from in the United States, it is a lot colder than Tokyo at this time of year. Setting in my room, with the heater running, I grew tired of my old blog running flatpress, and I didn’t feel like digging into cPanel on my free host to upload wordpress- As a result, I decided to hop over to

After many many years (actually, three or four), I’m returning to the RPG Maker community, with RPGツクールVXAce. I’ve been playing around with the engine for the past few days, and I’ve grown to really enjoy using it, even though mapping in it is still a little odd to me. I’m also looking at taking the time to learn how to code using RGSS3, which implements Ruby 1.9.3.

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